Case Studies

Block Letters - Improve, Coaching, HelpInternet Marketing Agency

The founder of this growing business is spending too much time putting out fires, solving client problems and ends up getting involved in every project. He wants to be more focused on business development and strategy and needs his COO and staff to manage the projects and the customers with minimal involvement on his part.   Fred prioritizes key changes needed and helps implement improved customer and project management processes and reporting and while also coaching and mentoring the COO.

Residential window replacement company
Sales are vastly outpacing the operational and customer service capacity of this growing business and a newly established executive team operating independently and not communicating.  The owners wanted to be able to grow the business and be positioned for a future sale/acquisition.   Fred coached executive leadership and facilitated improved inter-department communications.  He also guided them through the design and implementation of new customer, operational and financial processes, management and reporting.

Dental Lab
Two years after the owner (who was the senior production manager) purchased the company from the founder, he was facing significant business development and financial management challenges.  Fred quickly identified the key issues and coached the owner on how to look at and manage key cash flow and financial priorities.  They also worked together to develop ways to improve customer relationships and profitability and increase the owner’s visibility and uniqueness in a market that had become commodotized.

All-Channel Retailer/Commercial Sales Business 
The owners of this second-generation business want to position the company for significant growth and innovation in their market, reduce their involvement in daily operational details and lay the groundwork for their eventual succession and exit.   Fred helps them develop a strategy and implement a plan to modify their organizational structure, look at their roles differently and focus on mentoring newly advanced executives.  He also helps them increasae the effeciency of managing inventory, significantly improve their customer relationship management capabilities and upgrade and centralize their reporting systems.

Veterinary Hospital 
A veterinarian and her husband purchased the business from the retiring owner.  The couple have a clear long-term life vision that goes beyond their planned exit and they want to maximize the value of business.  She had been a solo-practitioner and faced new challenges running an operation with employees, inventory and a large, established clientele in a competitive industry.  Fred helps them develop strategy for building value and provides consulting, coaching and mentoring around issues of employee management and accountability, inventory control, customer relationship management, leveraging existing technology for marketing purposes and improving financial analysis for decision making.

CPA firm
The owner of this firm wants to create a more efficient operation to support recent growth and also begin planning for exit/succession.  He has close customer relationships at the owner level, but projects are dropping through the cracks and employees are not taking responsibility. Fred helps address key issues with long-time employees and established consistent standards and processes and for customer relationship management, engagement management and production reporting.

Wealth Management and Financial Planning Firm
The founder wants to build an operational foundation to support his fast pace of organic growth while being prepared to also grow through merger/acquisition.  Fred helps him develop a workable strategy and  identify key performance measure and  operational changes required to achieve his goals.  He also provides coaching and consulting as the owner works through his first merge with other practitioners.

Industrial Supply Company
A senior executive and his wife consider the purchase of an established business from the aging owner he has known for many years working in the same industry.  They want to be sure it’s a good move for them as a couple and, if so, how they should best proceed.  Fred helps them objectively evaluate the option and then provides coaching and guidance as they choose to pursue the opportunity, perform due dilligence and successfully negotiate the agreement.

Commercial Refrigeration Gasket Installation Company
An experienced ales and marketing executive purchased the regional license from a nationally branded company. With her sales expertise and work ethic, the business has grown rapidly in the 5 years she has owned it.  She seeks help dealing with managing the growing business and wants to begin positioning the business for potential sale in a reasonable timeline.  Fred helps her develop a strategy and create a plan with clear sales and margin goals and timelines.  He provides guidance and accountability as the plan is executed along with coaching and advising as she deals with the expanding operation and financial management needs of her business.