About Fred Janssen

Screen Shot 2012-05-21 at 10.26.24 AMFred Janssen has been helping owners and their businesses grow and be more successful for over thirty years, including his own.  Before founding Janssen Consulting in 2006, Fred spent twelve years as an owner and senior executive of a software and technology company providing enterprise retail management systems.  He was involved in every aspect of the operation which grew to be a top ten nationally-rated retail systems company.  After the business was sold, Fred guided it through two transitions as the initial acquiring company was itself purchased a year later by a larger public company.

Prior to his software company Fred spent years as a Management, Financial and Information Systems consultant and CPA (certificates retired).  Along with serving clients, Fred was instrumental in the successful growth of two public accounting firms.  Fred has taught college business courses, lead seminars on starting a business and coached senior executives in transition to entrepreneurship.

There’s a lot more to Fred than just his business background.  He believes in the importance of integrating one’s values, life’s true priorities and the realities of owning a business.  He loves helping his clients grow their businesses and improve their lives.  Fred lives in Bothell, Washington with his wife Anne and their three children.  Fred prides himself on being professional, quick and competent, striving always to bring tangible and significant value to his clients.  Clients appreciate his perceptive nature, straightforward manner and common sense approach.

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