10 reasons you are leaving money on the table ….

  1. You are ‘doing’ what you have been doing – the same way you have done it – for years
  2. You think (or hear the words) “we can’t charge that much – especially in this economy”
  3. What your customers expect before they buy is not what they experience after they buy
  4. What employees are taught about the company mission, values and culture is not what they experience when they come to work
  5. People come to you when they have a problem … and you solve it for them
  6. When a new employee does something for the first time, they have to ask around for help until they find someone who has done it before
  7. Meetings take place and people wonder why
  8. At those meetings people have to help each other remember the results from the last meeting
  9. You are using your computer system the same way that you did when it was first installed
  10. The reports that you have to run your business come from your accounting system

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