10 Ways to Discourage Good Employees

  1. Be sure they have to call or email you multiple times before you acknowledge them
  2. Tell them you will get back to them, and then don’t
  3. Be vague about what is expected and then criticize them for not meeting expectations
  4. Give them responsibility but not enough guidance, resources or authority
  5. Tell them their ideas are good ones and that you’ll put them on the list (that gets lost)
  6. Make sure they have to hunt around for information and guidance on how to do their job
  7. Assume it is all their fault when mistakes are made or something goes wrong
  8. Hang on to chronic underperformers thinking that you can change them
  9. Avoid dealing with the long time employee who ignores procedure and does his/her own thing
  10. Hang on to customers who abuse and demoralize your staff

How do I know? Because I have done these myself and I see these all the time…

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