Building a more valuable asset

The purpose of my business is to help business owners build a more valuable asset, not just get a paycheck. Here are ten foundational elements that I believe define a valuable business:

  1. A clear, well articulated long-term vision and strategy for achieving the goals of the owner and the business
  2. A quality product or service that is delivered on time at a price that properly reflects it’s value
  3. A brand image that is authentic and that is consistent from all viewpoints inside and outside the company
  4. A well managed operation that leverages people, processes and technology and that minimizes dependence on the owner
  5. Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finance aligned with each other and with the overall vision, strategies and goals
  6. Motivated, capable employees who take ownership and who are empowered to get things done
  7. A satisfied and diverse base of customers who are profitable, loyal to the company and refer good business
  8. Systems and procedures that are practical, effective, well defined, highly accessible and well understood
  9. Technology, Administration and Accounting functions that are driven by the needs of the business and not the other way around
  10. Intelligent financial management that focuses on efficient cash flows, long-term profitability and a solid balance sheet

It is not easy to develop and maintain these as a business grows and circumstances change. Doing so requires insight, creativity, structure, guidance and accountability. And that is the essence of what I provide to my clients.

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