Perspective, Focus and Endurance…

I have a special place in my office where I keep some of the books that I have found uniquely inspirational and helpful over the years. Seeing these titles and thinking about the lessons and wisdom that they contain often gives me perspective.
One of these books is Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing. This is an incredible true story of adventure, crisis, survival and triumph that I highly recommend reading (or re-reading). The sheer magnitude of the challenges faced by Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and the crew of his ship Endurance is difficult to imagine. Yet, in spite of the unbelievably challenging circumstances he faced, Shackleton had the perspective, focus and endurance to help his crew survive and ultimately get rescued.
We are not Ernest Shackleton, we’re not aboard the Endurance and this isn’t Antarctica. However, we are navigating through turbulent times and unknown economic waters. The incessant daily drumbeat of gloom and doom coming from so many directions has the potential of getting people ‘stuck’ in fear and anxiety just like the Endurance got stuck in the Antarctic ice. Had Shackleton focused on the fear and anxiety provoked by his circumstances instead of on his vision and goals, I am sure that there would have been a much different ending.
Whether or not you find yourself stuck or anxious about current circumstances, I recommend reading this book. It is always good to get a little perspective.

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