Improve Your Operational Fitness And Reap The Benefits

We all know that improving our physical fitness level will result in improved health, increased capability and a better life overall. In the same way, improving your Operational Fitness level will result in improved revenue and profitability, increased business value and a better life overall.
I see Operational Fitness as capable people supported by intelligent processes and useful technologies working well together while following a clear strategy to achieve the owner’s vision.
You can always take some steps to improve your Operational Fitness regardless of what kind of shape you are currently in (see examples of how at the end of this post).
Improving your Operational Fitness level increases:

  • Strength – Get more and better results with the resources you have
  • Endurance – Operate consistently and steadily without wearing out
  • Agility – Respond quickly and more effectively to changing circumstances
  • Flexibility – Bend and stretch more easily without breaking anything
  • Coordination – Move and respond efficiently without stumbling
  • Energy – Deal with change and go after new opportunities
  • Mental Clarity – Strategize, plan and manage more effectively
  • Emotional Stability – Experience less drama
  • Resilience – Bounce back from setbacks more quickly

The analogy of Physical Fitness works for Operational Fitness at many levels both in terms of results as well as what it takes to achieve those results. For instance:

  • Wanting to get into shape and actually doing it are two different things
  • It’s important to have a clear vision and a practical plan to get there
  • You have to make the time or it won’t happen
  • It’s easy to get started – but hard to stay with it
  • There is usually some pain and discomfort, especially in the beginning
  • Doing too much too soon tends to backfire
  • Building up core strength is a priority
  • You get results faster by doing things the right way in the right sequence
  • It is important to track progress and measure results
  • It helps to have support, encouragement and accountability
  • Much of what needs to be done is relatively simple, it’s just not easy
  • When you do make the effort it feels great!

Every business and business owner is unique, so a one-size ‘improvement plan’ doesn’t ‘fit’ all. It takes a holistic view and multi-disciplinary approach to identify the most effective and efficient way to bridge the gap between your current reality and your ideal vision. Once you have a practical strategy with an action plan that is prioritized and right for you, then it’s a matter of getting the work done and making necessary adjustments along the way to stay on track.
So take that next step today towards improving your Operational Fitness!

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