Lock Your Data Doors

It seems that every day we hear about some internet security breach where sensitive information is stolen or put at risk. With so much data sent flying over wires and through the air, it’s not surprising that keeping confidential information secure is more difficult than ever.
Our dependency on computerized information means data security needs to be addressed by businesses of all sizes. The complexity of this issue is growing and ultimately you can’t control what happens on the Internet. Just don’t overlook the basics that you can control… things like:

  • Making sure you have the latest software updates and security patches installed
  • Using anti-virus software and keeping it updated
  • Logging out or shutting down computers at the end of the day
  • Using strong passwords and changing them consistently
  • Making sure that your backup media is protected (and usable)

Simple practices such as these can significantly improve security. Ignoring them is like leaving your house with the doors unlocked, windows left open and the alarm system turned off.

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