Mary Anne Dorward Interviews Fred Janssen

I was recently interviewed by Mary Anne Dorward, CEO of Speaking to Win, on her BlogTalkRadio show “Business Off The Beaten Path.”


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Here is an index of the questions:

00:00 Introduction
02:00 How would you describe your business?
02:33 Why do business owners and CEO’s hire you?
06:47 What makes you unique as a business consultant?
08:27 Do you specialize in a particular industry?
10:24 Does a solo practitioner have a different need from a larger organization?
11:00 Are there other similarities that you see with your clients?
12:33 Are there communication skills that most business owners need for success?
14:41 Is there one communication skill that is most essential?
18:06 Do you have a favorite book that has impacted your business?
21:14 Is there a special mentor that has helped you in your life?
23:24 What experience has most influenced who you are today?
25:24 Is there someone you admire in your industry?
27:10 What defines good operations?
30:50 Is there anything that you would like to leave in the mind of our listeners?

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