The Power of Disengagement

Science now confirms what common sense dictates.

“…scientists point to an unanticipated side effect: when people keep their brains busy with digital input, they are forfeiting downtime that could allow them to better learn and remember information, or come up with new ideas….”

So says an article in the New York Times **.
This truth was brought home to me a number of years back when I was stuck at home recovering from surgery. I had 6 weeks with no email or other connection to the day-to-day back at the office. In spite of the post-op pain and inconvenience, my mind cleared and I felt a level of creativity I hadn’t felt in years. It was during this time that I hatched my plan to create my new business.
I don’t suggest contracting an illness before you take the time to disengage and give your brain a rest. Business owners often have a tough time with this. It goes against the grain of the typical philosophy that ‘when things get tough – just work harder.’ I am convinced, however, that there is power in disengagement and that it can be extremely valuable (financially and otherwise) to consistently take the time to clear your mind and just think. How about a few minutes a day, an hour or two a week, a day a month, a weekend a quarter and 2 weeks a year (it takes one week just to let the noise/clutter truly dissipate)?
It’s common sense and now it’s scientifically advised, so that should make it OK right?
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Published: August 24, 2010

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