Surfing and the Economy

I recently realized a childhood dream, I went surfing. While on vacation in Maui, I took a lesson with my daughter on her 15th birthday. It was great fun! As I have thought about that experience, I have looked at surfing as an analogy for operating in this (or any) economy. Think about it…

  • Waves, like economic cycles are always different and they are constantly moving and changing
  • If you don’t catch the wave at the right time, the experience is very different than if you do
  • If you don’t bail out in time, you might crash into the rocks or the shallows
  • Even the experts wipe out
  • No matter how good the wave, the ride never lasts forever
  • And, after the ride, hindsight is always 20/20 as to what you should have done different

I thought of more, but I’ll stop there. If you get to West Maui and want to enjoy a fun surfing lesson, go to Goofy Foot Surf School and ask for Mack.


  1. Good analogy Fred. Peaks and troughs and how to deal/adapt your position to where you are on the wave – or market cycle.
    Thanks for your solid advice in your blog. I enjoy it.
    Bob Swain
    Senior Vice President
    NAI Puget Sound Properties
    Bellevue, WA

  2. Susan Janssen says:

    Hi Fred, Great analogy!
    I hope you get to surf again soon.

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