What Keeps You Awake At Night?

As I write this it’s 4am. I’ve been lying awake since around 3am (which is the middle of the night for me). This happens with all too much frequency, where I wake up and then I lie there ruminating about things real or imagined like:

  • All of the things on my to-do list that have been there for … years?
  • Things (not on the list) that I know I should be doing that I am not
  • Financial doom & gloom, etc., etc

I don’t know what it is about the middle of the night. Maybe it’s the quiet or the dark (both inside the house and inside my head). I do know that there are probably thousands of other business owners out there lying awake right now too (most with much weightier issues than mine – but not blogging about it).
I wonder how many of the things that keep us awake at night are real/objective issues versus those ‘ghostly voices’ of inadequacy, insecurity and self doubt that haunt (many of) us.
So I ask the question (if anyone should even read this), what keeps you awake at night?

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