Who is your Business Confidant?

Early in my career I tried to start an independent consulting practice… Emphasis on the word ‘tried.’ One of the primary reasons this didn’t work out so well, is that I did not have a Business Confidant. I needed someone I could trust who was objective and could understand what I was going through; someone with experience who could provide perspective, guidance, encouragement and accountability. I learned from my mistake. When I started Janssen Consulting a few years back, I made sure to have such a Business Confidant and it has made a significantly positive difference. I have learned that while I can act in this role for others, I cannot do it for myself.

Who is your Business Confidant?  Sure this will be seen as a self-serving question in the context of this blog. However I firmly believe that all Owners/CEO’s need someone to fill this role. And yes, it’s usually someone you will be paying. In our personal lives, we often pay counselors, life coaches, spiritual directors, etc. Why wouldn’t we invest in the same way for our business lives which consumes so much of our time and energy?
So, who is your Business Confidant? Who sees you and your business from a holistic perspective and can provide that guidance, encouragement and accountability to help you achieve (your definition of) success? It might be your CPA, Attorney or Financial Advisor. Maybe it’s an Executive Coach, or a CEO Roundtable group or an independent advisor. Regardless of whom it is, when you have a good one you will quickly see what a significant difference it makes to you and your business.
It’s a great day at Janssen Consulting and life is good…

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