Working With Fred

Every owner along with his/her vision, goals and current situation is unique so there is no “one-size-fits-all” or “boiler-plate” methodology.   In general, however the process looks like this:

1)   Understand the present reality, clarify objectives and make a plan

Pointed questions and comprehensive discussions clarify what’s important, where you are and what you want to accomplish.  Then the focus is on what you need to do resulting in a plan of action that makes sense for you and your situation.   Along the way there are new insights, perspectives, ideas and feedback to benefit from immediately.

2)   Do the work, stay the course and get results

The work is yours to do, but your effort is more efficient and results come quickly with a structured approach along with guidance and accountability from Fred.   Progress and results get tracked and measured and you have someone to help you make adjustments and deal with the inevitable surprises along the way.  The level of Fred’s involvement will vary depending on your needs with the goal being your self-sufficiency.

3)   Sustain the momentum, adjust course as needed and reach new goals

Once you hit your stride, Fred is there for ongoing coaching, consulting and mentoring in a manner that makes sense for you.  This will take many forms from access for ad hoc consultations to scheduled review and planning meetings.  You might find there are times when you may need a some additional help to deal with a new initiative or situation.

It’s a pretty straightforward process.  The first step is to talk with Fred to see if there is a fit.

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