10 Ways To Lose Good Clients (or at least their referrals)

  1. Be sure they have to contact you multiple times before you get back to them
  2. Let them guess how long it will take for you to solve the problem, provide a proposal, etc.
  3. Keep them in the dark about how things work and what they should expect
  4. Avoid telling them about their responsibility for a successful outcome
  5. Wait until they call you before you let them know the status of their project/issue
  6. Make them feel like it’s their fault if something doesn’t go right
  7. Don’t let them know that you are going to be late until right before (or on) the planned delivery date
  8. Wait until after delivery to explain why you made changes to what you originally said you would do
  9. Make it difficult and confusing to purchase additional products or services
  10. Don’t follow up with them to see if they are still satisfied with your product or service

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