The Importance of Core Strength

Continuing the analogy of the Personal Trainer, let’s talk core strength. For me, the most difficult, time consuming and often unpleasant aspect of getting into shape has been developing and maintaining core strength. The core muscles are the ones we can’t readily see – yet they are critical to everything we do. They keep us properly balanced, protect the back from being injured and actually make other exercises more efficient.
My natural inclination would be to focus on working the visible muscles. Fortunately, my trainer knows better and makes sure that I do what’s necessary to develop and maintain my core muscles. She knows that this is the key to true strength. It works. The chronic back pain that I endured for over 15 years is gone, I have better balance and coordination and I feel great. Of course it is an ongoing challenge to keep my core strong and not slack off.
So, how’s the core strength of your business? Are you developing and maintaining the fundamental aspects of your operation that support success and increase value? Things like…

  • A clear vision, strategy, principles and values that are understood throughout the company
  • Clear, concise and consistent communication through all channels – from meetings to email
  • Intentional and structured approach to customer service and relationship management
  • Effective hiring, training, mentoring and accountability practices
  • Defined and documented best practices, policies and procedures and accumulated knowledge
  • Technology that is well implemented and effectively supports your business purpose
  • Accounting and administration that understands their part in customer service and business development

Here is one thing that I know for sure. With a strong core, there is less pain, everything is more efficient and it really feels good.

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