Increase Revenue and Profitability by Paying Attention to Your Best Customers

Did you know I’m one of my local Safeway’s best customers?
Neither did I; at least not until last week, when I dropped in early to pick up a few things.
I had just checked out when a gentleman approached and introduced himself as the store manager. “I’m very happy to meet you Mr. Janssen,” he says. “You’re one of our best customers and I wanted to personally tell you how much we appreciate your business.”
How did he know who I was, and that I was in the store? When I used my Safeway club card a message was sent through the system to this phone. A pretty simple process in this day and age.
Now, it’s easy to be a little cynical and say that this guy was just following corporate-mandated protocol. But you know what? It felt good to be recognized, and the manager was sincere in this thanks.
I already liked Safeway. But now I like it a little bit more.
For many businesses, 80% of their revenue and profits come from 20% of their customers. That’s why you should always be on the lookout for ways to recognize your best customers and thank them for their business.
In a competitive marketplace and especially where you and your competitors may have similar products and prices, some customers will decide who to patronize simply on which business he or she would rather give their money to.
If customers feel more appreciated by your business, they’re more likely to spend with you. After all, they already like you. And with your recognition, they’ll like you a little bit more.
And that can make a big difference in your business.
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